This ring features an amazing Austrailian Opal that seems as if the Aurora Borealis has been trapped inside. The background is a swirl of different toned blues, the green streaks throuh the stone sparkle and flash, creating an illusion of movement. The floral wire transforms from flowers to celestial planets and stars, the geometric shapes of the triple shank band add to the theme. 


Size 8.5 US 

Sterling silver, Boulder Opal, floral border tri-shank ring, size 8.5 US

  • FNSJ will accept returns for damaged goods IF photographic evidence is sent to me within 48 hours of the POSTED USPS delivery date. In the event of damaged goods, I will either accept the item back for a 100% refund, or fix the item free of charge. Any other returns are not accepted. Even though I don’t accept returns for undamaged goods, I do care about your satisfaction. If there is anything about your piece that is easily fixed, (i.e. issues that do not require the stone to be removed, torch work, etc.) will gladly be done for free of charge, if you ship your item back to me. Fixes such as resizing (if possible with the item,) or other major changes that require torch work or stone removal, may require a small fee. Please feel free to contact me about any issues you may have and I will help determine what can be done and how much to help guarantee your satisfaction!