This tiny little trinket box pendant is absolutely adorable. Hand crafted from Sterling silver and 14k gold fill (bezel,) this little box is fully functional. Just pull the chain up until the ancient Roman glass beads at the bottom of the chain are all the way up, this will allow the lid, which features a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cab, to slide up and open the box. When the chain hangs down, it keeps the lid from sliding up on its own. The lid also features a stop so it can't be pulled out too far. 

The anciet Roman glass beads are made from Roman made glass objects that traveled all over the middle East on trade routes, eventually to be found shattered in modern times and crafted into beads. This glass has an amazing charm and history to it! 


Comes on a 20" sterling silver chain. 

Sterling silver, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Roman glass beads box pendant