I added the new box pendant to a double Italian leather cord, making it the perfect unisex piece! This piece is the perfect place to stash a keepsake, an ash pouch, or just enjoy! Made from all sterling silver, it features a Carnelian carved scarab on the lid. Open it easily with the latch on the bottom, and slide the lid open to reveal an Ankh symbol on the inside. The lid has a stopper on it so it can't be pulled too far out. The sides have been delicately pushed over the lid, allowing it to open and close with ease, without coming off track. It has been given an antique patina to give off the look of an old relic! 

Box- 1.25x.75"

Leather cord- 23.5"

*Please be aware that this box is not water proof. Items in the box will get wet if worn in the pool or shower. Also, although this item has been tested for durability, ultimately, the safe keeping of your items in the box are up to your own wear and tear on the pendant. I am not responsible for any lost items. Please wear your artwork with care.*

Sterling silver, Carnelian Scarab/Ankh box pendant